If you know someone who has been battered or raped:

  • Tell them about the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center and our services.
  • The hotline number is (352) 622-8495 or (352) 622-5919.

If you are beaten:

  • If you are seriously injured, go to the hospital emergency room or call you doctor immediately.
  • If you need protection, call the police or sheriff in your area – 911!
  • If you want the abuser arrested, call the police or sheriff in your area – 911!
  • Take steps to protect yourself and your children from further abuse.
  • Call the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center at 622-8495 or 622-5919 for temporary safe housing, counseling, legal and medical referrals.

Be aware that:

  • Abusers do not change without professional help
  • Arrest often stops the battering cycle
  • It is not your fault. You are in a relationship with an abuser who probably had the problem before he met you. The abuser is a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde personality.
  • If you are able to stop the first one or two beatings and your abuser gets professional help, the marriage may be saved.
  • The longer you stay in the violence, the more violent the attacks usually become.
  • As long as you are there to take it, he is more than willing to give it.
  • He is not out of control – he is in control.