FREE Emergency shelter for female victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault and their children. Victim Advocates are available to discuss and help achieve weekly goals set by the victim/survivor. Shelter stay is up to 12 weeks.


FREE Individual counseling for male and female victims of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Counseling also available for children effected by domestic violence and/or sexual assault. During these sessions, safety plans, coping skills, self confidence and boundaries will be discussed.


Available for victims/survivors of sexual assault. Meets every week.


FREE for victims/survivors of domestic violence and/or sexual assault. Court Advocates can help victims/survivors go through the courts with criminal and/or civil issues, domestic violence battery charges, help file restraining orders, help with filling out divorce paperwork, custody, visitation, and child support issues in family courts every week. Advocates are also available to help file for relocation assistance. The Legal Aid group is also available depending on eligibility.


Nurse practitioners on call 24 hrs a day to perform rape examinations on site at the domestic violence/sexual assault center. More on what we provide.