Is this Abuse?

sad teenage girl

Does your partner


Insult you, embarrass you on purpose, or put you down ?
Try to control your life and where you go?
Scare you with how they look at you or act towards you, your kids, your pets, your family, etc.?
Try to stop you from spending time with your family or friends?
Get physical with you in ways you do not like, such as pushing, slapping, choking, or hitting?
Control all of your money? Do they refuse to give you any of their money or benefits?
Try to stop you from working or going to school?
Pressure you for sex or say that you owe them sex or threaten to cheat on you if you do not have sex with them?
Act like their name calling, hitting, etc. is no big deal? For example, do they deny that their actions are hurtful or did not happen at all? Do they say that you caused them to do what they do?
Threaten you or scare you with weapons, or threaten to kill you, your pets, your children, or them self, especially when you say you want to leave or end the relationship?
  • If you answer sometimes or often to one or more of these questions, you may be in an abusive relationship or be at risk for it. You may want to speak with a domestic violence advocate at (352) 622-8495 about your relationship.