Does YourPartner...

  • Push or shove you?
  • Hold you down to keep you from leaving?
  • Slap or bite you?
  • Kick or choke you?
  • Hit or punch you?
  • Throw objects at you?
  • Abandon you in dangerous places?
  • Subject you to reckless driving?
  • threaten to hurt you?


Does YourPartner...

  • Ignore your feelings?
  • Make fun of or insult people of your sex?
  • Insult your family or friends?
  • Embarrass you in public or private?
  • Refuse to do fun things with you?
  • Call you names and shout at you?
  • Make all your decisions and control your actions?
  • Lie to and manipulate you?
  • Ruin your belongings or injure your pets?
  • Threaten to hurt you with weapons?


Does YourPartner...

  • Tell jokes or make demeaning remarks about your sex?
  • Treat you as a sex object?
  • Get very jealous, saying you would be sexual with anyone?
  • Insist that you dress in a more sexual way than you want to?
  • criticize you sexually?
  • Call you sexual names like “whore”?
  • Publicly show interest in others of your sex?
  • Force unwanted sexual acts on you?

Source: “Getting Free” by Ginny McCartney, 1985.