Frequently Asked Questions

sad woman at dining table

All services at our center are free.

 In most cases, we do not give any info out about you or the services you receive unless you give written okay.  In the case of someone being a harm to themselves or others, elder abuse, child abuse, or abuse of a disabled person, the staff is required by law to report to the proper agencies.  If you have further questions regarding confidentiality, please call our hotline at (352) 622-8495.

Our hotline is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our hotline is how you access all other services including shelter.

If you need assistance with getting to our center, please call our hotline at (352) 622-8495 to see how we can help.

If there is no room in the shelter, we will talk about safety, give you other options like info on other shelters, and discuss our waiting list.

Bring you and your children’s important papers, clothes, and necessities.  Shelter space is limited so try to bring around two bags per person.  

The shelter has rooms you will share with others that have bunk beds.  There is a shared kitchen where you can prepare and eat meals.  We have pantries/freezers with food you can use and hygiene items to help with your needs.   We do ask that you bring no more than two bags per person due to limited space.  We have a laundry room with washers and dryers for your use. There are small lockers so you can lock–up any important items.

Shelter stays can vary, but can be up to 15 weeks.

We have food, hygiene products, clothing/thrift store clothing vouchers, and other basic things you might need.  If you are in need of something, the staff is here to help.  If staff is unable to meet a need they will work with you to try to get that need met. 

When you do a telephone intake for shelter, we will talk about the children coming with you.  We will let you know if we have room for you and your children. If there is no room in the shelter, we will talk about safety, give you other options like info on other shelters, and discuss our waiting list. 

We have a child advocate that works with parents living in the shelter and their children on child needs.  We have a variety of places we work with for specific needs, like children’s counseling, daycare, etc.

We do not have the ability to house pets at our shelter.  We work with some agencies that might be able to assist with your pets.  If you have questions about your pets, please call our hotline at (352) 622-8495.

We assist people that speak all languages.  We have a Bi-Lingual (Spanish) Victim Advocate on staff, and have access to video or phone interpreters 24 hours a day.

We do not ask for any proof of your legal status to receive our services.

We offer our services whether you report to law enforcement or not.   Some programs through other agencies we work with like the Attorney General’s Office Victim Compensation Program do require a police report.