Danger Assessment

distraught elderly woman in wheel chair

A Danger Assessment helps to find out the risk level of an abusive relationship and the chance of a victim to be killed by their partner. If you say yes to any of these questions you are probably in an unsafe relationship!

stressed mother and daughter
  • Has your partner ever used a weapon on you or said they would hurt you with a weapon?
  • Have they ever said they would kill you or your children?
  • Do you think they might try to kill you?
  • Does your abusive partner have a gun or can they get one easily?
  • Have they ever tried to choke you?
  • To know more about the danger level of your relationship, you can take this Danger Assessment.
  • (https://www.dangerassessment.org/DA.aspx)
  • We are here to help! Contact one of our advocates to talk about safety and options at (352) 622-8495.