The certified shelter in Ocala is a 501c3 non-profit organization committed to helping the battered woman and her family. Our professional and volunteer staff conducts a complete counseling, assistance, safe housing, and referral program. We work with many other community agencies to provide the best possible services to each family that comes to us. We also counsel with husbands who have been battered. All services are free.

The most pressing need of the battered woman and her children is a safe place to stay. We have an 81+ bed shelter where the abused woman and her children can go to be safe from further harm and find the emotional and practical support to begin to rebuild a safer, happier life.


The Center began in 1975 by Doctor Judy Wilson with 11 dedicated volunteers. The Center/Shelter expanded over the years to meet the needs of domestic violence and rape victims in this growing community.


Creative Services, Incorporated (501c3 Charity)
PO Box 2193 Ocala, Florida 34478

Business: 352-351-4009
Fax: 352-351-9455

If you are in immediate danger, call 911!

352-622-8495 OR 352-622-5919