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The Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center provides:

  • Immediate response to rape victims – 24 hours a day.
  • Crisis counseling by telephone or face to face intervention; case management; victim/court advocacy.
  • Nurse practitioners on call 24 hours a day to perform rape examinations at The Rape Crisis Center. Victims may have a rape exam whether or not they report to law enforcement.
  • Personal assistance and support during medical examinations, police involvement and legal proceedings.
  • On-going support for victims, their families and friends.
  • Assistance applying for Victim Crime Compensation (financial assistance from the State of Florida).
  • Coordination of community services and community resources.
  • Special counseling for younger children.

A call to the Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center brings reassurance that professional and confidential help is available. An informed, objective person is ready to assist the rape and sexual abuse victim work through the many stages of the healing process. Counselors help victims to understand their feelings and know they are not powerless in the aftermath of sexual assault.

Sexual assault victims need to know they can receive help with or without police involvement. Confidentiality is strictly enforced. Information about victims is not released without consent of the victim.

If a victim decides to report the crime, rape crisis counselors can accompany the victim to police and legal interviews as well as assist the authorities in gathering evidence needed for prosecution.

Kind and compassionate counselors guide rape victims through procedures necessary following sexual assault. Counselors can advise victims about medical and psychological care available. They can assist in seeking gynecological examinations and with concerns about pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The emotional damage of sexual violence is a major focus of restorative counseling. The staff is dedicated to the goal of helping victims reclaim their lives from the traumas of sexual violence.